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Our small group training system is much like personal training, except it’s in a small group setting. Each member of a small group gets brought through a program step by step just like a one on one training session. Each member gets all the nutritional plans, advice and guidance they need just like a one on one program except it’s at a fraction of the cost (up to 75% lower)

You can expects results you thought were not possible, the primal fitness small group training program is like no other commercial gym or any other group training program. We reach and exceed your goals, we build the foundations so you will keep the results you achieve.

If you’re sick of spinning your wheels and getting no closer to your health, fitness and body composition goals, come try our small group training and we will change all of that.


Our programming is scalable, meaning we adapt the programme to suit your level of fitness and ability. A scaled workout simply means “Adjusting movements to account for an individuals capacity”. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 80 , there is a way to do every workout in a safe yet challenging way.

In fact, the majority of our members first start out as complete beginners, we pride ourselves on being a beginner friendly place to achieve your goals.

We will start at whatever fitness level you come through the doors at and build that fitness level up accordingly.

We’re NOT in the business of just taking your money, putting you into a busy class, and leaving you to it. That’s not the way we do things. You will feel comfortable from the minute you walk through our doors.


Groups 1 day + unlimited sweat classes = €40 a week

Groups 2 day + unlimited sweat classes = €45 a week

Groups 3 days + unlimited sweat classes = €52 a week

*No long term contracts, stop whenever you want*

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