What is the difference between you guys and your average meathead gym?

We understand how intimidating joining a "normal" gym can be, so we have created an environment for people to come to leave the stress of everyday life, and take an hour just for themselves. Here, you can surround yourself with a community of positive, friendly people or have a nice quiet one on one session. The choice is up to you :)

How do you get your results?

We use the most effective training and nutrition strategy's to get you to your goal in the most optimal way possible and our results are second to none. We make your goal OUR GOAL and we promise that we will go that extra mile to get you there. Primal Fitness is widely acclaimed for its amazing results, check out some of our transformation photos to see for yourself.

What are some of the qualifications do yous have?

Between us we have :

  • NCEF Health and fittness from The University of Limerick
  • Personal trainers  under The National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Crossfit instructors Level 1
  • UKSCA : Advanced programme design
  • UKSCA : Olympic lifting
  • FFI Kettlebell instructor
  • Precision Nutrition coach
  • First aid
  • Years of experience with a wide range of clients :)

How are you guys so amazing?

We don't know, it could be how we were raised or it could just be good genes, the nature vs nurture debate rages on.